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Our Services

On-Site Collection

Lucero scrap metal recycling offers convenient On-Site Collection services for various metal materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This service saves time and effort for individuals and businesses looking to dispose of their metal waste responsibly.

Sorting and Processing

Once collected, Lucero scrap employs specialized equipment and techniques to sort and process the materials. Proper sorting ensures that different types of metals are separated, optimizing the recycling process for maximum efficiency.

Recycling for Industrial Clients

We cater to industrial clients, offering tailored recycling solutions for their metal waste generated during manufacturing and production processes. This service helps industries manage their metal byproducts responsibly and sustainably.

Disposal Services

Lucero Scrap LLC provides Roll-Off bins to clients in need of disposal services. We offer a variety of sizes of bins that will fit your project’s needs. Call us today for a free quote!


We purchase recyclable metals from individuals, businesses, and industrial sources at competitive rates.

Compliance and Documentation

To maintain environmental responsibility, Lucero scrap metal offers assistance in meeting regulatory compliance standards. We provide proper documentation, reporting, and auditing services to ensure that recycling operations align with legal and environmental requirements.

*We provide with everything the customer may need: roll off containers, gondolas, trailer boxes, containers, open top trailers, etc.
We provide transportation and count with immediate pick ups as required.
Guarantee payment within seven working days from the date of pick up.

*Please call for more information